Founding partner of
#GesundZusammen - an open initative of the digital industry
As a broad alliance of German tech companies, we want to actively help society, politics and business to contain COVID-19 with digital solutions. To do so, we are building on one of the most important resources available to the world today: information.
Data enables us to conduct joint research, warn people and save lives. And yet the widespread use of data is not without risk: in the face of the crisis, there are increasing voices calling for fundamental rights to be sacrificed for the benefit of health. Our app EINS shows: We can have both, infection control and privacy.

We developed EINS -
The COVID-19 Tracing-App

Blue ellipseLoad the EINS app to your smartphone.

Lilac ellipseSave your COVID-19 Status and enable bluetooth

Yellow ellipseDonate Data & Save Lives

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